Remind Me Later

The 13-track downtempo dance album, Remind Me Later [FE019], from Future-Everything co-owner TEHKAL is a succession of five years worth of shorthand musical explorations and various field recordings that culminates around a realization that blurred and inattentive reinscriptions of one's self can organically produce something that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Digital Pre-Order March 22-28.
Available for stream and purchase on all digital music outlets Friday, March 29.*

*All purchasers of any FE019 merch (print or shirt) before March 29 will unlock an early digital download of the full album.

TEHKAL - Remind Me Later

1. TEHKAL - Eliminate
2. TEHKAL - Remind Me Later
3. TEHKAL - Cashmere
4. TEHKAL - Major Payne
5. TEHKAL - Bobby
6. TEHKAL - Mello D
7. TEHKAL - Apart
8. TEHKAL - Waves
9. TEHKAL - Kentucky Mule
10. TEHKAL - How Sad
11. TEHKAL - Tacajod
12. TEHKAL - 2 Birds
13. TEHKAL - Palm Oil