Strooly - Sets in the West [FE029]

Sets in the West

Sets in the West, the second solo EP from Memphis producer Strooly, is a sun-warmth and tape-saturated tribute to his upbringing on the Gulf Coast in the 90s. The heartfelt techno project’s raw balance of live instruments and analog hardware reflect his vulnerable and emotional musical journey from the ocean to the mid south.

Sets in the West will be available for pre-order Friday, September 25 - October 1 and available for stream + purchase worldwide Friday, October 2, 2020.

Strooly - Sets in the West

1. Strooly - 6 Hour Drive (124 bpm)
2. Strooly - Eyes Peeled (126 bpm)
3. Strooly - Sets in the West (123 bpm)
4. Strooly - All Her Stuff (126 bpm)
5. Strooly - Richard's Hands (115 bpm)